Seabird Protection Network

The California coast is home to one of the most diverse populations of seabirds in the world. Sadly, seabird numbers have been diminished by human activity such as oil spills, gill net fishing, and human disturbance. Among the latter, low-flying planes and boats are a particular threat to nesting colonies of seabirds when they flush the birds from their roost. Both eggs and chicks then become highly vulnerable to loss.

The Seabird Protection Network was established to help seabird populations recover and to protect them from such human intrusion. This is especially important at Devil’s Slide Rock, where an historic restoration effort has attracted 3,000 common murres to come back and hatch chicks. To undergird the outreach program, the Seabird Protection Network commissioned Full Frame Productions to create a video to educate the pilot community and secure their cooperation in reducing aircraft disturbances at California Common Murre nesting sites such as Devil’s Slide Rock.

Additional Projects