When Rules Don’t Apply

When Rules Don’t Apply explores the “no-poach” wage suppression conspiracy that swept Silicon Valley from 2005 to 2015, and the precedent-setting legal battles that challenged these practices. Leading tech CEOs, including Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google’s Eric Schmidt, secretly agreed not to recruit one another’s employees, thus restricting employee job opportunities and limiting their wages.

This comprehensive education and information campaign includes a 28-minute film, three short discussion videos, and a resource rich website. Funded by a grant resulting from a settlement between eBay and the California Attorney General’s office, When Rules Don’t Apply features a dozen leading experts in the field of antitrust and labor law, including participants in the legal actions.

Learn more: whenrulesdontapply.com

Director/Writer: David Donnenfield
Producer: Kevin White
Associate Producer: Amy Lim
Cinematography: Eli Adler
Audio Recording: Dave Wendlinger
Editor: Theron Yeager
Motion Graphics: Brandon Butrick