Art is long. Life is short. Experience difficult.


For several decades we have been immersed in visual storytelling designed for impact – both for branded content and public benefit. We believe our greatest asset is our wide diversity of experience. Flown in a helicopter holding a camera 10 feet above a river in a canyon – done that. Interviewed cantankerous CEO’s to get them to sound human – yep. Gotten kids to smile at just the right time – tougher than you think. Spent weeks going through archival material to find just the right shot – absolutely. Discussed abstract issues of technology with the guys who invented it – duh. Wiped off tears when a wildlife biologist finds a critter for you that may be the last one on the planet – hard not to.

We bring a documentary sensibility to corporate communications and advertising – and a strong sense of imaginative, visual storytelling to broadcast and independent filmmaking projects. We take pride in providing creative solutions that meet the goals of the project from scripting through distribution, whatever the platform. Maybe even have fun while doing it.


Our work includes a wide variety of branded and original programs including:

  • Independent and sponsored documentaries
  • Programs for cable and public television
  • Commercials
  • External and internal corporate communication programs
  • Videos for visitor centers and museums
  • Sales and marketing programs

We have provided solutions to:

  • Articulate and present branding and image campaigns
  • Position and launch new products or services
  • Create awareness about social, cultural, or environmental issues
  • Design campaigns integrating multi-platform user experiences
  • Increase sales through strategic positioning and programming
  • Profile key customers
  • Orient and train employees
  • Kick-off events and conferences
  • Bring stories driven by science or history to life for the public


Kevin White, Founder/Principal  Producer – Director – Writer
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After freelancing for clients such as CBS News, CNN, ITV, and several syndicated television programs, Kevin started Full Frame Productions in 1984.  He has produced and directed many award winning documentaries, including Not All Parents Are Straight, Partnerships for Change, Together Against Abuse, We Bring a Quilt, Returning Home, Fair Fight in the Marketplace (with David Donnenfield), A Land Between Rivers, A Simple Question (with David Donnenfield), and many other titles and series.  He also has worked extensively with advertising agencies, non-profits, and corporate clients producing corporate image and marketing programs, educational programs, and commercials for such clients as Wells Fargo Bank, Intel, SAP, Symantec, NOAA, US Forest Service, and many others.  His work has won top awards from the San Francisco Film Festival, Wild & Scenic Film Festival, the American Film Festival, International Wildlife Film Festival, CINE, Council on Family Relations, ACE Awards, Addy Awards, Cindy Awards, Emmy Awards, ITVA Awards, Telly Awards, and others. His films have been selected for more than 50 film festivals, including the Berlin Film Festival, SF International, Hot Springs and others. In 2009, Kevin received the Harold Gilliam Award for Environmental Reporting with his producing partner David Donnenfield for their work on the How On Earth project.

In 2018, Kevin released Wilder than Wild: Fire, Forests, and the Future, an award winning documentary about how fire suppression and climate change have exposed our forests and wildland-urban landscapes to large, high intensity wildfires – and explores strategies to mitigate the impact of these fires.

Amy Lim,
Associate Producer

Amy is a digital content producer and marketer with experience in both the independent film space and tech industry. She holds a B.A. in Film and Rhetoric from UC Berkeley.

At Full Frame Productions, she works on producing projects, developing content, research, and distribution. She has been the Associate Producer on several projects including Gold Mountain: Chinese Californian Stories, Saving Species Together, and When Rules Don’t Apply.

  • Michele Dennis, Producer Michele is a veteran producer, production manager, and post-production supervisor for advertising, documentary, and corporate programs. She has produced many projects for Full Frame Productions.
  • Bruce Schmiechen, Producer/Director/Writer Bruce is a long-time Bay Area filmmaker, editor, and producer who was one of the founding members of California Newsreel.
  • David Wendlinger, Production Wizard David has worked on a range of projects worldwide for clients like the BBC, Google, Discovery, and National Geographic. For six years, he worked on a series of short films about winners of the Goldman Prize, the environmental equivalent of the Nobel Peace prize.

  • Gina Leibrecht, Editor/Director Gina is an award-winning editor and director of documentary films, many of which have received international distribution. She brings this documentary sensibility to her work in corporate communications and advertising.

  • Sean Dana, Motion Graphics Designer Sean is an award-winning motion graphics designer and director, as well as a photographer.
  • Don Starnes, Director of Photography Don is an award-winning Director of Photography with extensive credits in feature films, television series, advertising and corporate communications.

  • Eli Adler, Director of Photography Eli is an emmy-winning Director of Photography known for his excellent camerawork on documentaries and corporate programs.

  • Stephen Most, Writer/Producer Stephen is an author, playwright, and filmmaker. He has writing credits on four Academy Award-nominated and five Emmy-winning documentaries.

  • Andy Black, Director of Photography Andy is a Director of Photography with experience shooting documentary, feature and industrial films for web, broadcast, and theatrical distribution. Extensive experience shooting abroad.

  • Steve Davy, Director of Photography Steve is an award-winning DP who has worked extensively with Full Frame on a variety of documentary projects.
  • Theron Yeager, Editor Theron is an experienced, award-winning content and picture editor with a background in script writing.

  • Susan Utell, Editor Susan is an award-winning editor, who is equally at ease cutting a thirty-second spot or a feature length documentary.