Saving Species Together

Saving Species Together is a video series and educational campaign highlighting four of California’s threatened and endangered species: Coho salmon, Western snowy plover, California tiger salamander, and San Joaquin kit fox. The videos feature stories of collaboration between private landowners, non-profits, resource agencies, and the public to protect these species.

Full Frame Productions produced all the videos for this campaign, including: four short videos for the web, four PSAs, and a half hour broadcast edit for PBS release. PBS will start airing the program in November, 2020. Full Frame Productions also supported the distribution of the videos through the development of the campaign website and launch strategy.

Now on PBS! Click here for listings.

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Client: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, in collaboration with California Department of Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and NOAA Fisheries.

Producer/Director/Writer: Kevin White
Producer/Camera: David Donnenfield
Editors: Kate Linhardt, Gina Leibrecht, Alex Albers
Camera: Andy Black, Steve Davy, Kevin White
Audio and Drone: Jack Morris, Dave Wendlinger
Associate Producer: Amy Lim
Title Motion Graphics: Sean Dana
Text Motion Graphics: Kolmel Love
Sound Mix: Leroy Clark
Spanish Translation: Chelis Lopez